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Catalina's Collection

About Us

Catalina's Collection is a family PYME that was born in 2010 as a personal project.

From a young age Catalina had the dream of having in the country the first premium brand of personal care products, this is how we give ourselves the task of looking inside and outside the country to the best suppliers for the development of cosmetics to then create and develop what is now Catalina’s Collection.

It has been many years of trials and errors, many weeks without rest, of constant growth and lots of team work what today positions us in the market as the best and most reliable line of personal care products in the country, proudly made in Costa Rica. Today we have our own development and production laboratory, built according to the guidelines of the Central American regulation of good manufacturing practices.

All our products are developed and elaborated under strict control of our production manager (Chemical Engineer) which ensures that what starts as an idea is turn into a product that is friendly to our customers and the environment.

We have a great commitment to our consumers and the planet for which:

  • We use Natural Extracts
  • Our packaging is recyclable
  • All our active ingredients have clinical studies and are certified
  • All our products are licensed by the Health Department
  • We don’t test on Animals
  • Our products are Gluten-Free
  • We use the two best ingredients in the world in our development (Love and Passion for what we do)